Excited that our team is attending the Cucalorus Connect Conference!

This week, a few members of our team made reservations to attend the Cucalorus Connect Conference in Wilmington, NC. This should be an interesting and exciting time for us, because it’s not the kind of conference that we normally attend.

Our work primarily revolves around integration, implementation, development, and support of Cisco UCCE environments. (If you don’t know what UCCE is… it’s a niche Cisco enterprise product used to run large contact centers.) So, we would be expected to attend conferences and events that focus on the business and technology of our sector of the telecommunications industry. And we do.

But, this conference is different. It’s about creativity, innovation, collaboration… (and other terms that might be considered “buzz words” but are instrumental in the work that we do).

So, why are we attending this conference? Because we are hoping that it helps us think about our work from a different perspective… with new ideas… and new processes and plans… and perhaps even new applications for our services.

We hope that this conference will help our team stick their heads up out of the weeds and look around at the bigger picture in order to help our company continue to innovate.

Have you ever attended a conference was not directly related to your work? How did it help you and your business?

I’ll be sure to post a conference wrap-up report for the one or two readers who may be interested.

2 Comments on “Excited that our team is attending the Cucalorus Connect Conference!

  1. Thanks Alan

    When you have the attitude of “practice with the intent to improve “you can learn anything from anything

    In my daily life I am considered a leader and I’m always teaching this concept, it’s a concept that everybody needs to hear.


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